Microwaveable Mochi Recipe


Michelle's Microwavable Mochi Recipe


1 cup Mochiko
1 3oz package of your favorite Jello flavor (Raspberry and strawberry are great!)
1 cup of sugar (can be adjusted to your sweetness liking)
1 cup hot water
Cornstarch or Potatostarch for dusting


1. Whisk dry ingredients (mochiko, jello powder, sugar) in a bowl.
2. Mix in hot water, stir until fully mixed. 
3. Microwave in 2-3 minute intervals, checking each time until mixture is fully solid (stir the first few times to ensure everything is getting cooked evenly). Mixture should be solid, but not hard!
4. Dust cornstarch over a flat surface (cutting board).
5. Place mochi onto dusted service, cut and mold however you like! (traditionally you will pinch the bottom of the mochi ball and make it into small round mounds). Enjoy!

You can fill the mochi with Nutella, peanut butter, or red bean (azuki). 

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